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Chongqing LD Meter Co., Ltd.Mainly engaged in the liquid flow meter, gas flowmeter, steam flowmeter, target flowmeter, wide range flowmeter, R & D, ultra small flow flowmeters production, sales, technical consulting and service. Companies in technology, market, talent and other aspects have some first mover advantage, brings together many years engaged in instrument industry and technical personnel, has a technical basis, the company has always been to revitalize the national instrument industry responsibility, to seek development in the unremitting exploration and practice.

Company to produce first-class products, create first-class service, first-class enterprise for the purpose, integrity, pioneering, enterprising and innovative spirit of enterprise, always adhere to the product quality first, and thoughtful service, reasonable price, honest and trustworthy business philosophy, with the ISO9001 2008 quality management system as the basis of scientific thought and the pursuit of continuous innovation, continue to introduce advanced technology in the world counterparts, to provide the most satisfactory products and the best quality service for users. The company carries out the three package policy to the sold products and provides lifelong maintenance, and establishes a complete pre-sale, sale, after sale service system.

Companies adhere to the scientific and technological innovation, focus on quality, with superior products to the market, LDYB intelligent target flowmeter in product structure achieved a major breakthrough, and for a number of utility model patents [], [patent]. Improve the working environment and conditions of the sensor, so that the product in the flow range, accuracy, repeatability, sealing, stability and so on. LDYB intelligent target flowmeter development of the new company the flow range: liquid flow rate (1 ~ 200) gas flow (1 ~ 200), the working temperature range (working medium temperature): -196 to 550 DEG C, working pressure range: 0 ~ 50MPa, the minimum flow conditions: minimum flow liquid m3/h: 0.001, 0.003Nm3/h: minimum gas flow.

The company will take accurate measurement, reliable performance products, perfect service system, to win the trust of users. Adhering to the requirements of customers, and finally customer satisfaction, your request is our goal. We sincerely hope that with the vast number of users at home and abroad to carry out fruitful cooperation, the production of the best products for the needs of users. We sincerely invite new and old customers to visit and cooperate with us.

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